Wednesday, July 15, 2009

And For Our Next Number: Now Listen, Honey

Long ago and far away, when the world was young and all a pop group needed was a sixties hit to remake, a look that was equal parts eye-searing color and overexposed video, and that very special brand of affectless surliness that ruled the world from 1979 through about 1983.

Through it all shines the nascent genius that was the Annie Lennox-Dave Stewart combo. In a few seconds - well, three years or so - they'll be the biggest thing going, but here they're paying their dues. This version won't make you forget Dusty, but it's fun to fall back into, somehow as comforting and distant as the Swinging London original...


  1. Thanks for this!

    I often sing the Dusty version when I’m walking down the street.

  2. Cute, but Annie just can't pull off the playful ingenue thing too well. She's just too wise and such an old soul.