Sunday, July 19, 2009

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman Ex-Governor

For the longest time, one of my favorite places on the 'Tubes has been the wonderful world of Princess Sparkle Pony. The inimitable PSP was a sanity saver for many reasons during the dark days of George W. (and of course Condoleeza, whose hairstyle the Princess is still keeping a suspicious eye on), and in the better times that have dawned since, he (yup) has branched out and up, staying as ever razor-sharp, deeply observant, and consistently on top of the most interesting developments in what passes for American political life.

So, of course, inevitably, Sarah Palin has featured here and there, most recently, as a result of her ... unique ... career choices. The public statements of our new La Pasionara de los Wingnuts via Twitter have been particularly fertile fodder. One commenter on a recent post noted that the lady's choice of background image was especially striking - and my goodness, as seen above, ain't it the truth!

It looks to me like someone has let Willow or Pothole or Kaytel or whatever one of the younger sprogs' names are have a go at the Photoshop. I'm only disappointed that in addition to the striking (presumably Alaskan) landscape, superimposed flag, and apparent hommage to Alison Hayes or Darryl Hannah, they didn't manage to working in a screaming eagle, Liberty Bell, or at least a moose. Maybe once she recreates, post-elected office, her Twitter page (given that she's now "AKGovSarahPalin", she'll kind of have to), she'll take care of that...


  1. Morning glory and midnight sun....

  2. Even though the overall effect is less "Evergreen" than "Everdrilled"...