Saturday, July 4, 2009

On Independence Day - Indulge!

On this day for rest, reflection, and celebration of our heritage, I think we should all follow the advice of Margie Majorette and her pal, Ghostly Miss Liberty, and make full use of the freedoms afforded us by our forefathers...

Let's have a drink! Mom's flying so high that all she's prepared is salad, shrimp cocktail, and jello - who cares? Give those guests enough Schlitz and no-one will mind at all!

And later, we can join Claudette, Paulette, and Veronica in a refreshing, patriotic Chesterfield.

And to round out the day - why not get married? This would be just the frock to make July Fourth your day of days. The only way I could improve this toilette would be with a big screaming eagle brooch on the left hip, to pull the whole look together.

However you choose to celebrate - have fun! But not quite as much as Mom up there...