Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Millinery Mystery or a Questionable Coiffure?

With the current Café poll more than half over, I thought it might be useful to have another, closer look at the Great Mystery. It is undeniably hairlike, and yet equally ottomanische in construction. It has all the hallmarks of a hat - and yet, and yet.

I've always been ambivalent about Constance Bennett, and somehow this fashion choice makes me all the more so. She seems like she might have been fun at a dinner party, but you wouldn't have felt good about yourself later.

But the question remains: what the hell is this? Let your voice be heard!


  1. its a human hair pill box type, what do i win? a night with upen patel???

  2. It's a Victorian ottoman hat made from the hair of passed on loved ones. Normally human hair was kept in memoriam in lockets and wall art but this was a little known way of keeping your long lost loved ones with you wherever you go.

    Unfortunately the cat got at the back of it.