Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Around the World in 80 Ways!"

I feel like the end to the lull around here for the past couple of days calls for something special, and I'm feeling in the mood for a Big Splashy Musical Number.

Here to bring it to us is the veteran Lebanese star Magda el Roumi; it's her big comeback song from 2006, "E'tazalt El Gharam" ("I've Retired from Romance"), staged, in the immortal words of Miss Vickie Eydie, as a Global Revue. Watching it, realize that the lady admits, as of that year, to 50 - which in Lebanese diva terms means she's sixty if she's a day. It's something in the water in Beirut, I think.

In any case, enjoy. I can never decide if I like the japonaise or harem sections better, but the whole thing is pretty divoon....


  1. Why do I feel like the the Japanese section owes a great deal to the presence in her closet of a kimono she was particularly fond of?

    But using fezzes as top hats? Genius.

  2. Vavoom! Many thanks... I now have a new obsession.