Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Aren't They Lovely?

No snark. Just pure admiration, along with not a little pleasure at what fun it now is to watch coverage of presidential travel. That eight years of wincing really took its toll.

Oh, and the outfit? It really is, at least in part, from J. Crew:

Couldn't find the fab cardigan, although I did have fun trying, and there's a distant possibility that I may have accidently bought a sweater set...


  1. We're assuming you already have the pearl necklace.

  2. They are lovely, and I, for one, am CRAZY about them!

  3. In eight years, I never once fantasized about owning one of Laura's outfits.

    I have dreamed of at least 4 or 5 of Michelle's.

    I thought about her quite a bit yesterday as Ed & I roamed her old stomping grounds in Princeton.

  4. But have you seen Vogue India, April 2009? As Miss Vreeland once noted, pink is the navy blue of India.

  5. i think she got the cardigan at,j crew.