Saturday, March 3, 2012

When Ladies Meet

Nineteen years ago today - and in a vanished universe - the divine Miss Kitt (looking distinctly less irritable than when last sighted in the fading throes of her disco-diva phase, over at the charnel house of talent that is The Redundant Variety Hour) appears deee-lited to be introduced to the pneumatic Miss Lady Miss Kier (I mean that literally - I think there's every possibility that this is in fact not the one-time downtown sensation, but rather an inflatable version).  It's just another New York night at that New Yorkiest of places, the Café Carlyle; one wonders what on earth they talked about.


  1. I believe they spoke of the grooves in their hearts.

  2. Charnel house of talent! Well, I never!

    Never agreed with you more, that is.

    Inflation has definitely hit Miss Kier lately, is all I'm sayin'.

  3. Surely Miss Kitt could have some valuable life experiences to share with Miss Kier. Words of warning, you know.