Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Approach at Your Own Risk

Mr. Muscato and I are both down with the crud, some singularly unpleasant bug that combines the worst of the common cold with the nastiest aspects of an especially vicious 'flu.  We're achy and mucus-ridden and generally not good for much but sniping at each other.  The dogs are in heaven, though, as we're home.  The domestiche, not so much.  I think she likes her privacy.


  1. I hope you're better by the time you read this!

  2. poveretto, here's hoping you're better molto presto.

  3. Molto thank you, my dears. It's too tarsome, really, but soon enough we'll be on the mend. I might even try some stretching in the giardino segreto by Saturday...