Sunday, March 18, 2012

File Under "Lightning, Not Striking Twice"

Oh, Andy tried and tried - but nothing in heaven or on earth was going to turn Cornelia Guest into Edie 2.0.  That dress didn't help.


  1. From Andy Warhol's Diaries;

    “Brooke Shields was there looking so glamorous. She’s the most beautiful living breathing doll I’ve ever seen. And I always thought Cornelia was beautiful, but when she stood next to Brooke she looked like an ugly duckling, everything was wrong, and she was saying things sort of to Brooke under her breath like, “Get away!” She didn’t want to stand near her---she knew.”

  2. She definitely didn't have "it".

  3. How sad that she didn't turn out as C.Z. Guest 2.0 - her mother had so much style and grace (and understatement - which I can't say for Cornelia's makeup).

  4. She looks like Stockard Channing.

    1. Hmmm. Stockard Channing's pug, maybe.

  5. What a great quote! Brooke's really quite the girl, when you think about it - she's had a genuine career all these years, whatever the ups and downs, and I recently saw her Village brownstown in a decoporn mag - mouthwatering.

    As for poor CG - she's certainly no CZ. She does have a website, though, where she flogs vegan cookies, leather-free handbags, and her catering company. Who says there are no second acts?