Friday, March 9, 2012

Beefcake Update #3

Over the course of his several drop-ins over the years here at the Café, Jakarta's Adrian Maulana has proven himself something of a chameleon -  spokesmodel, author, political candidate (!), and more.

Since last we saw him, he would seem to have been a busy man.  He's now, if his sadly under-construction website is to be believed, "Indonesia No. 1 Fitness Motivator" (and not far behind in terms of possessive-ignorers, to boot).  His Twitter account (the very butch "@MrAdrianMaulana" - as if there were any question!), sadly mostly in Indonesian, is more prolix, adding to his roster of talents "Health & Wealth Speaker, Investment Consultant, MC & Presenter, Celebrity Traders."  What that last one is supposed to mean is anybody's guess.

He's a tad more sinewy, not to mentioned depilated, than one (for which, read "I") normally goes for, but on the whole it's a pretty compelling look; I can think of any number of celebrities I'd trade him for...

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  1. I feel you, Muscato. I'm all about apostrophes...and hair.