Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why Don't You...

...attempt a climb up the slippery slope of Absolute Perfection? Babe Paley gave it her best shot - and very nearly achieved the summit. It didn't make her happy, but...

Actually, on second thought - why not stay home in your bathrobe and enjoy life a little?


  1. Luncheon at La Cote Basque - have the Pouilly-Fuisse chilled and ready!

  2. I don't know. I'd say that dress is perfection itself. Maybe she had a little gas.

  3. One of the christmas presents delivered at Art de Séjour was what seemed at first a comfort blanket. A closer inspection revealed two sleeves sawn into the blanket.

    After the initial disappointment subsided, we founded the new garment more comfortable than a bathrobe.

    You can pull the collar up over your head and pretend to be Sean Connery in the Name of the Rose, or you can drape it around yourself like an ermine coat and walk around the east wing like Cruella de Vil

  4. Oh Christmas, somebody's gonna see this post and decide that Scarlett Johansson should play Babe in a movie.

    If it comes to pass, Mamie Gummer is a ringer for Betsey Cushing.

  5. But can Philip Seymour Hoffman be persuaded to come back as Truman? For Mr. Paley, I'm thinking Alec resemblance, but it could be such fun.