Monday, January 18, 2010

Birthday Boy: A Star to Remember

Cary Grant would have been 106 today. He probably would still have been better looking than most of us and cooler than all of us, put together. When you've held your own against everybody from Mae West to Hitchcock - with more than a little Katharine Hepburn in between and even a little Audrey - I guess there's not much that fazes you.

And wasn't he lovely?


  1. Cary Grant...indeed one of the coolest men in history. And so very dashing.

    Reminds me...we watched The Heiress last night...Montgomery Clift was fairly dashing, too.

  2. what I ask myself all the time:
    What would Cary do? Never quite hit the mark, however.

  3. As has often been stated 'round here, we won't see his likes again.

    George Clooney is doing as decent an imitation as can be hoped for in this current lesser and cruder age, but it's just not the same.

  4. sigh they don't make em like that anymore...

    but i agree with Bill

  5. He even wore his socks in the sand so he wouldn't burn his feet. And he took acid. Sigh.