Friday, January 29, 2010

To Sleep; Perchance to Dream...

One of the reasons I've been less than productive these past few days is that I've been sleeping oddly. Not badly, mind you; as happens occasionally, I've actually been sleeping rather too deeply. Mr. Muscato discovered this when a couple of nights ago I was unmoved and unwakened by a series of loudly slamming doors (wind; the downside of having the house opened up during these precious cooler months) and subsequently furiously barking dog.

When I go through these bouts of sleep-to-the-point-of-unconsciousness, I often wake more tired than after a similar amount of the usual dozing. Moreover, I'm more prone than usual to remembering dreams - usually long, complicated, and repetitive dreams. This week's featured, in a starring role, Miss Bonham Carter, albeit not in a lilac fur-trimmed peignoir as seen here.

We were walking together, for a very long time, doing the usual dream-state pointless searching for things, talking about other things, and generally not making much sense.

I woke suddenly yesterday morning at one such dream's end, just as she turned to me and said, "you know what the real problem is, don't you? Don't you?"

"Tell me," said I.

She turned away; looking gravely over her shoulder as she walked off, she said, simply: "Mystery clown."

And so I woke up. And this is what I Googled from that phrase:

Amazingly, despite the horror of that image, last night I slept the dreamless, refreshing sleep of the innocent and feel much restored.

But what could it mean?


  1. It must mean that you are meant to watch the new Walmart clown commercial.

  2. you've got one photo with two big metaphors......i'd suggest you put a call in to miss bonham carter pronto.

  3. In the lower right hand corner, look at that big pocket scarf. The mystery is solved! It's TJB!

  4. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  5. Well, I know of course that TJB does get around - but doesn't he usually have a slightly lighter hand with the eyeliner?

  6. Oh Helena, always trying to be so profound, but unable to come up with anything more insightful than the same old "Mystery Clown" chestnut.

    I think your sleep is messed up by a deep depression over Manhunt International running aground.

  7. I've more than hated clowns all my life and that's the worst I've ever seen.