Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tri', Tri' Again

Yes, once again it's everybody's favorite Anodyne Recordings* superstars, the Tri'Tones!

This is, I believe, a still from their failed attempt to join the cast of The Beverly Hillbillies as a quartet of singing Bugtussle lovelies who come to visit the Clampetts. Either that, or they're showing their devotion to The Lawrence Welk Show by dressing up as Norma Zimmer.

In any case, it didn't get them far - for which I think we can all be grateful.

* A wholly owned subsidiary of Bland-Whitebread Amalgamated Enterprises.


  1. bugtussle, i love it.

    and again i am confused. TRI...yet there are 4 of them.

    and what does the apostrophe stand for....ceratops?

  2. The Tri Tones? Wait, I count four. Guess math wasn't their strong suit either.

  3. Hunney's,

    Bitsy, Fran and Leanthra hoped for years that Aunt Marvelle would quit singing and just stay home with Uncle Waldo.
    No one is really sure why, whether it was their jealousy of Marvelle's sewing skills (so aptly displayed on the cover) or the turquoise Oster blender that was the center piece of her kitchen.

    (Bitsy, Fran, Leathra and Marvelle are seen here on the Vero Beach Causeway)

  4. If they can title their album Side by Side when they are seated Two by Two, they can certianly name their quartet the Tri'Tones. Of course, they could Tri'Anything, they were never going anywhere.

  5. Aunt Marvelle's trip to Rome is behind the unusual name for the group.

    After admiring one of the Bernini's fountains, Aunt Marvelle thought of herself as a mermaid singing alluringly.

    Unfortunately classical mythology was never Aunt Marvelle's strongest subject at school. What was supposed to become the mesmerising Sirene's group, stepped into history as the Tritone's.