Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Other Miss Davis

And, I suppose, the other Judy, come to think of it.

During her recent visit, dear Miss Rheba brought with her a plethora of marvelous little gifties. As we had not seen her in several years, this trove included any number of things intended to bring us more up to date on stateside pop culture. Chief among them so far has been the DVD of The Starter Wife, which Mr. Muscato and I, despite being the last people in the world to see it, are enjoying enormously.

It's leaving me, I have to say, entirely in awe of Judy Davis, whose merciless delineation of an East Coast lady of a certain age lost and adrift on the wrong side of the continent (and of a distinctly bibulous inclination) is a wonder. I had thought she couldn't top her Garland, but this role - while comparatively a miniature, closely observed but circumscribed, next to that comprehensive marvel - is very, very wonderful indeed.


  1. You MUST see A Little Thing Called Murder, where she plays Sante Kimes to perfection. Wicked perfection. A true guilty pleasure...kind of a humorous look at a heinous murderer, but Davis is such a hoot throughout you cannot help but giggle at Sante's antics.