Tuesday, January 5, 2010

RIP: A Funny Lady Says Goodnight

I have a love-hate relationship with the New York Times obituary page. As much as I appreciate its detailed and attentive reviews of fascinating lives and times, I also find myself resenting, somehow, when it calls to my attention - just this little bit too late - someone I feel I really ought to have known about all along.

That's distinctly how I feel about learning of the death, on January 1, at the fine age of 98, of Jean Carroll, a trailblazing lady in the all-male world of stand-up comedy and someone who would seem to have been on all fronts a very good time.

As for this record cover, I find it distracting, not so much for the sock-gartered businessman in the background, but because I think that my mother had those orange towels in the guest bathroom 'round about '72.

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  1. that times obit was quite impressive! too bad i don't recall her from ed sullivan.