Saturday, January 2, 2010

Birthday Queen: The Sandwich Consort

Let's pause a moment, this New Year's weekend, to send our regards to a royal lady born this day in 1836. Queen Emma of Hawaii (named more colorfully in her day the Sandwich Islands), known to her friends as Emma Kalanikaumakaamano Kaleleonalani Naea Rooke, was a popular queen consort, and an educated and sophisticated lady.

Of how many people can it be said that of them Queen Victoria herself remarked, "Nothing could be nicer or more dignified than her manner"?

While her machinations to succeed her husband Kamehameha IV came to naught, she seems to have been a good sort in general. Her favorite things included traditional Hawaiian song, enhancing the royal library, and Episcopalianism; her least favorites likely included her successor (and aunt) Queen Esther Julia Kapi'olani, who was probably a pill.


  1. Queen Emma seems quaintly dressed for the mid 20th c

  2. Good catch! And fixed. But what's a century between friends?

  3. a bustle and more :)