Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Beefcake Update #2

Peenee brought him up, but I've been thinking about poor dear Mr. Upen Patel in any case.  If our last blast from the past has forsaken the great wide world, going back to his roots in Cairo, Mr. Patel has headed out from the sphere in which first we met him, Bollywood, broadening his horizons.  If Wikipedia is to be believed, he has been studying in Europe, learning filmmaking and, however improbable it may seem, following in the footsteps of such illustrious forebears as Shelley Winters by taking up the Method at the Actors' Studio.

He's even on Twitter, giving us thrilling glimpses into his world - he is, it seems, fond of Playstation, put off by the cold, and dining with someone tantalizingly referred to as "Boy Asad."  Be still my heart.

In due course, one hopes he'll return to the Subcontinental Film Industry and triumph once again, although one hopes as well that he'll do it in somewhat less regrettable fashions than seen here...


  1. Yeah, word up, Upsy old boy. And actually, now that you mention it, he has always reminded me somewhat of Shelley.

  2. Put off by the cold?

    Best you warm him up then.