Thursday, February 16, 2012


Let's spend a few minutes, shall we, with Mr. John Daly and the panel on that most civilized of television Game Shows, What's My Line?  Tonight's mystery guests are the lovely and talented Andrews Sisters, and it's some measure of their fame even in 1959 that all it takes is one syllable by the trio for the panel, led as usual by Miss Dorothy Kilgallen, to break into one of their hits.  I love that one of the most common reasons mystery guests get found out is because they're appearing this week at the Latin Quarter, and the Andrewses are no exception.

Patty, Maxene, and LaVerne look to have been good eggs.  Patty's on the right, and today is her 94th birthday.  I hope somebody sings her a chorus of "Bei Mir Bist Du Schön," don't you?


  1. This puts me in mind of another fave trio...The Del Rubio Triplets.

  2. i'm in the middle of scotty bowers tell-all:

    "one evening nöel (coward) was a guest at yet another party where i was bartending and maxene andrews walked in, arm in arm with a girlfriend......maxene was a lesbian and quite open about they swished past where nöel was sitting he closed his eyes, raised his eyebrows, flicked the ash off the end of his cigarette in his long cigarette holder, and uttered quite loudly, "good gracious me. how odd of god to waste three cunts on the andrew sisters. he could have done well enough with two."

  3. Love the sisters - and happy birthday Patty!

    That Noel Coward was such a bitch about them does not surprise me one iota... Jx

  4. Dear Muscato,
    Oh I am glad you are back! Will add you back to my blog roll tout suite.
    And to answer your question, the winter has been quite mild here in the Big Apple for riding the red Raleigh.
    p.s. Do see my next blog post on Gay New York.

  5. I was gonna mention the Del Rubios, but MJ beat me to it! Each trio has one surviving member, as far as I recall. I'll have a rum and coca cola in Patty's honor!

  6. Afraid not, Thom - Milly died last July. RIP the final Del Rubio Triplet. Jx