Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Note from the Infirmary

Well, it's been a rather quiet weekend hereabouts, mostly because poor dear Mr. Muscato finds himself rather in the position of the caped crusader above. Nothing broken, thank goodness, but an imposing splint/cast/bandage-y sort of thing, strict instructions to keep still, and an enticing array of painkillers.

(On a side note, it's not as easy as you might think to find a random image that combines a cast and a certain allure - and my goodness, do you have to wade through a ridiculous amount of eyebrow-raising ephemera to do so! The things that people get up to. All I know is that I don't recommend Googling "hot man leg in a cast" if you're not quite entirely alone. I'm still blushing...)

He'll be fine, of course, but it would not be wholly inaccurate to say that I think he may be working the situation a little more than is strictly necessary. I've firmly drawn the line, though, at the Robin costume.


  1. Well thank heavens his arm isn't in a sling, that would have taken the image selection in a whole new direction.

    Now leave his painkillers alone.

  2. Well, well, well. And on that note, Dowager Quarterly is now a website. With you given your proper due, of course. It's by invite-only, naturally. Email your email and all of that. Bless.

  3. What's the point of being invalided if you can't work it? I'm off to google "Hot man in a cast." I can't wait to see what comes up.

  4. You have always cast a certain allure.

  5. Search result.

    Not as hot as hoped.

    Take care of yourself, dear Muscato.

  6. Felix: I have no idea what you mean. Please supply an illustration, or at least an anecdote based on personal experience.

    Donna: TOO thrilling! Look for a e-mail...

    P: There's working it, and there's working it. Mr. M. is well on the way to working it. Not to mention my last nerve...

    T: My blushes...

    And finally, MJ: Sorry - it took several tries to find something; maybe "traction fetish" was the one that, so to speak, did the trick.

  7. I know you'd never go the Robin route, Muscato, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd bet money you'd do a mean Yvonne Craig.