Monday, February 6, 2012

Gloriana 2.0

Sixty years today; hard to imagine it, doing that job, day in, day out for 60 years. Let alone doing it so very well. Say what you will, she has a marvelous smile.

Her mother, of course, was famous for hers. I've always found it a rather practiced smile, determined to charm, at its least successful verging on the fixed.

No, I think the Queen's is more like that of her grandmother, the redoubtable Queen Mary. It's altogether a less predictable phenomenon, but all the more endearing for it.

One can't, I suppose, wish her sixty more. You know what I do wish, though? That she's with us for a good long time, long enough to see her first-born's first-born have his first. And that that child is a girl, the first ever British heiress apparent. She'd have a thing or two to learn from her great granny...


  1. A cocktail mixed together of gin and champagne is called the French 75. I think it's the perfect drink for today, despite its name.

  2. Based on her benevolent expression, I have a feeling that's exactly what Queen Mary has in her tea cup!

    Her daughter-in-law would like it, too, although she'd probably add a drop of Dubonnet...

  3. Truly royal tacks on each and every one of those gals.