Monday, February 27, 2012

Mary Louise, Ultrastar

If only she hadn't been up against the divine Glenn, I'd be totally thrilled.  As it is, I'm pretty close.  There's a joke there, but you'll have to make it.  Wasn't she lovely?  And isn't she still?

Also, it makes me oddly happy that in private life, she's Mrs. Gummer.


  1. I was so pleased that she won last night.

    I love Glenn, and she's overdue. I thought Miss Williams gave a wonderful performance.

    But Meryl owned the Iron Lady role. Not a particularly good movie, but an amazing performance. The same alchemy that she conjured with Ms. Child (a role for which she was robbed of an Oscar by the charming but unworthy Ms. Bullock). In both, she delivered not an imitation, but an interpretation so fine that she in some ways replaces your memory of the actual person.

    She is the queen of the acceptance speech. So perfectly casual and swanning that it must be practiced and polished. She should be given an award at every show just to show everyone else how an acceptance speech is done.

    And despite her announcement that it will be her last, I know it will not be. She has many more great roles in her. I am most certain she will have at least one or two more turns at the Academy podium accepting yet another award for a transformative and transporting performance.

  2. I like that her face still looks like her own. I don't know if that's because of really good work or no work at all, but one thing is certain: you can't buy cheekbones like that.

  3. TRUE STORY: The last time Meryl won an Oscar I saw her afterwards (on her way to her limo), put my hand on her shoulder, and told her to keep up the good work! Obviously, security was quite lax back then. And apparently she took my advice to heart!