Saturday, April 14, 2012

Weekend Update: Wretched Excess Edition

Well, it's been busy days around the Villa Muscato, kids, and I thought perhaps a little local color might be nice.

First, the above.  No, it's not a set for the new John Waters movie (and wouldn't it be nice if there were one?).  Nor is is it Mattel Presents Lipsinka Barbie's Dream Dressing Room™ (although I'd pay good money for that).  No, this is - and I'm still recovering - a vignette snapped at an actual retail furniture store during my recent jaunt to a nearby Sandland mini-monarchy.  It wasn't even the most extreme set of items on offer (that honor, I believe, goes to the rhinestone encrusted, cut velvet, zebra striped Louis Farouk lounge suite, but by then the help had caught on to me and were watching me like hawks).  Consider this a fair representation, then, of local taste hereabouts.  And people wonder why I drink.

Since our return from points abroad, Mr. Muscato and I have been busy entertaining my longtime pal Miss Rheba, whose trip out to Arabia with her enigmatic companion, The Computer Programmer (who is also a fast-food heir, it seems, so they flew business) ended last night, alas.  We had a lovely time showing off the limited charms of our dusty capital (more so then ever after yet another three-day sandstorm this week), with highlights including a charming and distinctly bibulous dinner party with friends who live on the 68th floor of a new seaside tower (I suspect that most of their neighbors decorate en style the above), a depraved brunch at one of the ridiculous new hotels that's recently opened for no discernible reason at all (there were, counting us - a party of six, all told - exactly twelve people in a dining room fitted out for 200, with enough food for 400 slowly going bad on the buffet), and - I have to admit - a lovely long day midweek in which the houseguests took a daytrip to Dubai. 

I adore having guests, and really there are no friends like old friends, but after a month of travel and 'flu and other lower-level ongoing annoyances... let's just say that I'm much enjoying a quiet morning with the dogs, now that we'll have a whole day to ourselves before it all starts up again tomorrow with the workweek.

And how's by you?


  1. Oh, dear. I believe I can source almost every piece in that room. I saw it all in High Design (their distinction, not mine)at the last NY Gift Show. I snapped a picture of a particularly garish tufted purple vinyl fainting couch and sent it to an employee of ours for a laugh. She texted back that she loved it. I almost fired her on the spot.

    How's by us? The mister and I are an hour away from closing up shop for the day. Drinks, dinner and more drinks at the home of our dear, dear friends the mixologist and the actress. The perfect balm for any mood or situation.

    We will, at some point I'm sure, be toasting the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the world's largest metaphor. The actress was in the musical on Broadway for the entire run so I'm sure we'll end up singing a tipsy tribute to those poor lost souls.

    My weekend starts tonight, and I'm finally in for some suny, warm weather. There will be some gardening and also some painting of window frames if I feel extra ambitious. I believe a trip to that beach at Sandy Hook is in order for Monday. So the next pink cheeks you see will be mine...

  2. I have no problem with the vignette pictured above, as long as I don't have to see it in person. I've never been a big fan of conspicuous consumption and, in fact, am not much of a materialist (and therefore a bad capitalist). None the less, I can enjoy other people's tastes---or lack thereof. It's all part of the show!

    Currently, I'm house-sitting for friends in Chicago who own almost 200 pieces of taxidermy (amongst countless other antiques and oddities). It's not unlike the Addams Family house. A little dusty, but I love it!

    Have a good week, Muscato! (And Bill, too!)

  3. That does sound lovely, Bill. I saw the show on B'way and actually liked it a lot - not a perfect production, but some beautiful choral singing. I've long thought it would work better as a suite for orchestra, chorus, and soloists - not least because all anyone was waiting for in the staged version was the tilting stage, which was, to my mind, rather an anticlimax.

    And Thom, I thing you should spend the rest of the weekend rearranging the specimens into unsettling tableaux. No one, I'm sure, could do it better...

    1. I saw a distinctly tatty version of the show in San Francisco, and what I remember best is my companion saying that every so often the show should, quite unexpectedly, end with an entirely different number, "Whew, that was close!", as the ship sails into New York harbor.

  4. Well, of course I meant "think" - but "thing," somehow, works too...

  5. why is it that different "groups" have their own distinct tastes?
    i don't remember sociology 101 anymore.

  6. If you decide to buy the silver chair, dear, please do wear a toque with a flashing light. That way if you're entertaining in your gold lame lounging pajamas we'll be able to find you.