Friday, April 6, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch

L: No!

R: Oh, yes indeedie, my dear.  I have it on very good authority.  Stephen Haines is stepping out on Mary.  Princess Mara told me so herself.  She heard it from Sylvia Fowler!

L:  Well, I never!

R:  Well that's fairly obvious, Cora.  Finish your tea - I'm late for my appointment at Sydney's.  Olga hates it when I keep her waiting.


  1. Why, this could be from the popular Muscato & Mr. Peenee series, which is way overdue for a revival!


  2. Mr. Peenee's gown is perfect upon which to spill salad, since it would never be noticed.

  3. I want a slice of the Danish ring on Muscato's head.

  4. Now, now, gentlemen - I must confess myself puzzled by the misidentification taking place here. I feel obliged to point out that I am well known, in some circles, as a stout party of a certain age, while dear Mr. P. is altogether a leaner and more vinegary sort of person.

    Beyond which, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing elbow-length gloves to lunch. Unlike some people.