Monday, April 2, 2012

Incendiary Blonde

It's nice to be reminded, now and again, that even though we live in fallen times, still the occasional goddess walks among us.  Of that small number, it's even nicer to discover that one of them is, all indications to the contrary, sane, funny, wise, and really kind of a hell of a writer.

The legend in question may never have reached the uppermost heights of fame, even at her most notorious as a blonde sex bomb, but Mamie Van Doren has something over every one of her competitors, from the truly Olympian (Monroe) to the more than faintly risible (not just Jayne - think Joi Lansing and Cleo Moore):  she survived.  And she is, against all odds, in Mr. Sondheim's phrase, Still Here.

And more than that, she's online.  She recently relaunched her blog, Inside/Out, and after just a few entries it's become one of my favorite reads.  Whether talking about her clandestine nights with Joe DiMaggio or writing fondly of her (many) dogs, Mamie proves herself to be a good old girl, a broad of the classic type.  With the apparent goal of proving that 80-something is the new 30, she muses about everything from the end of the world next December to the next greatest catastrophe of 2012, MDNA, and she does so with wit and a wry, bemused eye for the absurd.

And, as you might not be too surprised to learn, she's still rocking some bodacious tatas.  Give her a read - I suspect you'll like her as much I've just come to...


  1. J'adore Miss Van Doren, and I am overjoyed to redicover the grande horizontale's blog - captivating stuff, indeed! Jx

  2. If she was really born in 1931 then I am frightened. Frightened!

  3. Aaack! What could she be saying that has her website blocked here in Kuwait? I may never know...

    lovin' your work and soooo glad you are back online :)

  4. Visually, I can't disagree that there's a fair amount to be frightened - even frightened! - of. But there's still a surprising amount that works.

    And don't get me started on this benighted region's censorship issues. Get yourself a good VPN, Anon Dear - without one here, I'd be deprived on Peenee and MJ (both of whom have fallen afoul of the filters here), and we couldn't have that, could we?