Saturday, April 21, 2012

Meanwhile, at a Luncheonette Downtown

"Oh, Myrna always had a nice smile for the customers.  Especially her regulars, like Mr. Chaffee from the hardware store.  I'll just never understand what got into her that day, or how on earth he didn't taste the Drano in his usual - you know, the black-and-white shake with an extra vanilla."

"But then I think back to that time we were closing up, must have been a month or so before. 'This ain't how I planned it, Vi,' she said to me, 'I got better things to do than remember to ask Stosh to put an extra scoop in some people's black-and-white.'  Well, I knew she thought she was too good for us, but still."

"Then we found that old Chaffee had years back married a girl from out on Pringle Street where Myrna was from.  Turned out she never forgave her second cousin for getting herself a husband like that  - I hear she has an automatic mangle and a white-mink shrug, and one time they went down to Vero Beach and stayed three weeks - and one day it all just went pop.  Still, she was a nice girl, in her way, Myrna.  That new one isn't half as good with a tray, not to mention she's probably one of them boondoggers or whatever they're calling 'em these days. 

"What?  She is too one.  That's not my fault.  I saw her looking me up and down, oh yes I did.  Made me miss Myrna, it did, even with the Drano."


  1. We just had dinner at the Golden Corral Buffet and Grill in High Point NC. I think Myrna was our waitress.

    1. Nah, that's probably her middle girl, Raevonne - she was born in the Pen in I think it was '68 - nobody knows how.

      But didn't you know? When Myrna got out in '76, she up and married old man Chaffee's baby brother Gus, who got the store from him when he, well, you know. They sold off to Ace in '85 and moved to Vero Beach, and there she sits in what should have been her cousin Norene's house to this very day.

  2. Well, that Myrna always was a fast Jane, and I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that that Raevonne didn't fall from the tree. Just saying.