Friday, February 5, 2010

Song for the New Depression

For your (dubious) listening pleasure, Jacek "The Polish Bobby Vinton" (is that redundant?) Lech brings you his 1966 hit "Bądź dziewczyną moich marzeń" ("Be the girl of my dreams") .

It's notable mostly for the appearance on backup of a rarely seen legend: yes, here we have not only Thing One and Thing Two, but their lesser-known sister, Thing Three. If this is what they could come up with for primetime TV, imagine what the girls in the steno pool were wearing. Snazzy frock on the slightly-too-enthusiastic hostess, though, you have to admit...


  1. Poor Jacek spent many insomniac nights together with Bronek - who plays the guitar in the video - trying to recover from his nightmare.

    Olga, Alenka and Bogumila went far and they become the renown Bozena Sisters. Although they were a few pounds heavier - or perhaps because of that - they top the charts with hits like moje serce należy do tatusia (my heart belongs to daddy).

  2. What frightens me is how likely that all seems, Monsieur...

  3. Ah, the enigmatic Thing Three!

    Those girls would be a lot happier if they weren't having their periods. And if they shaved their mustaches.