Monday, February 1, 2010

Putting the Grim in Grimaldi

This deathless moment of pure pop horror is enough to simultaneously cure one instantly of any lingering 80s nostalgia and turn one into a wild-eyed anti-monarchical anarchist. Yes, it's HSH The Princess Stéphanie "Brakepads" Grimaldi, Monaco's very own contribution to the world of bargain-basement Eurotrash dance music.

The clip's mise-en-scène recalls nothing so much as one of the era's lesser poolside gay porn romps, although the burly singer - perhaps "performer" would be a kinder, if no less euphemistic, term - appears considerably more butch than most stars of that genre in those days when Twinks Ruled the World.

And it's her birthday - 45 today. She's had the kind of life that can be summed up by pointing out that her short-lived popstar career was actually one of the saner things she's ever done...


  1. It's like bubble gum pop on Halcion.

    I would have killed for a build like that in the 80's.

  2. Oh, I get it. She dressed to match the fish.

    Also, the striped center front panel of her skirt is off center in the second half of the video.