Thursday, February 11, 2010

Birthday Bonanza

Many happy returns, today, to Our Lady of the Knobbly Knees, sixties superdesigner Mary Quant. UK stamps certainly have come a long way from all those endless Windsor profiles.

Also celebrating today are a dizzying array of Café favorites: St. Eva of Gabor, eternal castaway/sex bomb Tina Louise, sex bomb/survivor Burt Reynolds, Method megastar Kim Stanley, bossa nova biggie Sergio Mendes, deft self-satirist Leslie Neilsen, and two of my favorite Egyptians: King Farouk and my very own Mr. Muscato.

We're less thrilled that he shares the day with a certain Mrs. Palin, formerly of Wasilla, Alaska, but we're going to be sloughing off that slight vexation with a quick road trip to this Dubai place that everyone's always going on about. If it's radio silence in these parts for the next few days, you'll know that we're having fun...


  1. A quick road trip to Dubai. La.
    Let's get away from it all, indeed!

    Have a blast, and a most happy birthday to the Mister.

  2. Here's hoping for a fab birthday road trip.

  3. have a bottle of birthday Moscato d'Asti on me. this dubai place sounds interesting, is it a new shopping mall?

  4. I'm late to the party but I do hope Mister Muscato had a lovely birthday. But then how could he not with wonderful you at his side?

  5. Too kind, Bill, and believe me, Kabuki, Dubai remains very much a shopping mall. Did you know that Bloomingdale's just opened, complete with a branch of the Magnolia cupcake café?

    It was a lovely weekend, and my only regret is that it already feels so far away...