Monday, February 15, 2010

Birthday Boy: Butch

Latin lothario Cesar Romero would have been 103 today; we catch him here making a radio appearance (and rocking a dashingly bearded look) with now-forgotten early-thirties screen favorite Sally Eilers.

Romero's was a fun career - steady work certainly, with 60-odd pictures behind him before he went into TV in a big way in 1950, enough familiar roles to make up for a fair number of quaintly obscure titles (Love Before Breakfast, anybody? Carnival in Costa Rica? Happy Go Lovely?), and a nice long old age to bask in the appreciation of fans. He worked with everybody from Shirley Temple to Divine, and he always seemed to enjoy himself.

Never married and one of Hollywood's favorite "Confirmed Bachelors," Romero earned the title noted above the hard way: no less than Joan Crawford, who no question knew from butch when she saw it, bestowed it on him.

Eilers is really is just the ghost of a name today. Here she seems just a shade too happy to be on the radio, although I suppose it could be the "yes, I still have a jawline" pose she's having to hold for a moment or two longer than is strictly comfortable. She's one of those people who was bigger then than we would credit today without ever having really clicked. She never did television - maybe she should have learned a thing or two from Butch.



  2. I believe Sebastian Cabot and Burl Ives picked up Butch right after this broadcast, and they all headed down to Christopher Street for the Sunday Beer Blast at the Dugout.

  3. It wouldn't surprise me a bit. Hell, from what Norma's shown us of Sally's golden years, it seems all too likely she went with them and ended up on the piano at Marie's Crisis...

  4. My dad always used to tell me that he and Romero used to steal bread from the corner bakery in Hells Kitchen when they were kids!

  5. okay felix, you've forced me to say this...who the hell was your father?