Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mirror, Mirror

Just another night backstage at Carnegie Hall; it would appear that the Maestro likes what he sees, and why shouldn't he? Not all that remarkable, really, except that it was fifty years ago tonight, and Life was there.


  1. you get great pictures on your site..too bad your writing is really bad.....brush up on your grammar please!


  3. Pretty big talk from an anonymous sissy who can't figure out when to use capitals letters, how to correctly insert ellipses, or when to keep his cake hole shut.

  4. Really, the class feeling one encounters these days!

    Why is that anons are always so peevish and peremptory? Granted, their lives must be colorless and empty, but still, one would think they'd feel a scintilla of gratitude simply to be allowed to wander about quietly, occasionally emptying an ashtray or tidying a far corner of the garden.

  5. That anonymous comment is a hoot! More, please!!

  6. It makes one want to say, 'So who is he and what is the point of this comment?' :O)

    You go Norma, here's a rolled up libretto to hit the stow-away until two and two is three

  7. *bops anon on head with conductor's baton*

  8. and yes of course..expected from all of you who are also anonymous..why use names like norma desmond, fellini. And who is this mystery man/woman who holds this blog?? Tried contacting him/her on a number of occasions to express appreciation of his work (photo submissions...ya'll know how i feel about his/her writing) but he or she refuses to answer..thinking that perhaps he/she is being ever so mysterious and thus Who is the owner of this blog? Cafe Muscato? Hmmm...? Hmmm....? or does he/she also like to be anonymous....?

  9. okay anon, here's the scoop.....

    yes, we have aliases, but we've built relationships (of a sort) with one another. after people got to know me thru my comments, small gestures occurred. trust ensued*. my choice of screen name certainly aided my acceptance, or at least gained me entry.

    being Anonymous says:

    1. you don't know how to open a google account or don't care to.

    2. you don't intend on commenting very often, so why bother registering and thinking up a screen name....

    3. and if i got an email from someone anonymous, i'd ignore it, wouldn't you?

    anonymous says as much about you as normadesmond says about me.

    *people, i will not co-sign a loan!

  10. You mean Norma Desmond isn't your real name?

  11. At least Thombeau and I use our real family names.

    I met an Anonymous once, I think to remember his first name was Al.

    Talking of which, nobody calls my by my first name any more - now they call me either sir, or master - of course in different situations

    yowzer yowzer yowzer

    norma dear, the form is in the mail, just sign on the dotted line and send it back to me in the enclosed envelop