Monday, October 12, 2009

Birthday Boy: He Goes to Rio

Depressingly multi-talented star Hugh Jackman celebrates today, a man so lovely to look at that I can even forgive him for being younger than me.

We see him here in full come-hither regalia from his stint as the original Bi-Coastal Crooner, Mr. Peter "First Mr. Liza" Allen, in The Boy from Oz. Having, once eons ago (as a tiny tot, of course), seen Mr. Allen in concert, I can attest that although he was a perfect volcano of showbiz charisma, he was nothing like so handsome as his impersonator, a performer who is welcome to Tenterfield my Saddler any time he likes...


  1. I have never seen a performer hold an audience in the palm of his hand like Mr. Jackman did at the Imperial Theatre back in 2003.

    He brought a truly pedestrian show to an insanely entertaining level on sheer charisma...and skin tight pants.