Monday, June 1, 2009

Good Night, Sweet Prince(ss)

Ah, there's a new (and very glittery) star in heaven tonight, darlings, for Danny La Rue, that Slightly Different Diva, has gone and left us.

In the mixed-up pomo-homo world we live in, there's something slightly quaint, and very charming, about La Rue's long reign as the UK's favorite "comic in a frock," but we ought not let his old-school impersonations of the Great Ladies (including the fictional Dolly Levi) cause us to underestimate him. Anyone Noël Coward could describe as "The most professional, the most witty... and the most utterly charming man in the business" shouldn't be taken lightly.

When it comes to drag, La Rue was the Mother of the Them All for half-a-century or so; I like to think he's taking a little cocktail even as we speak with Julian Eltinge and Charles Pierce. You just know those peignoirs are fierce.

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