Thursday, June 25, 2009


She was, in her way, the defining beauty of an era; she even turned out to be something of an actress, of the sort whose successes, fairly or not, are each treated as a surprise.

It was always odd and somehow unsettling to think of her as a 60-something invalid, and in time perhaps some of her less fortunate moments will fade and we will think of her as I think she would have liked, all hair, teeth, and California charm.

(Image from the fabulous photostream of Bouffant Headbutt)

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  1. She really seemed to have tried and that sure counts for something.

    And that hair! I'm sure it sold a billion curling irons. Every other girl in my yearbook is at least attempting the look...and that's 6 or 7 years after she debuted it. Double the impact of the hair styles of Aniston, Hammel & Lake combined and that's Farrah.