Sunday, June 7, 2009

Going on a Manhunt

You will remember, perhaps, that I recently took note of the fact that this year's edition of that landmark on all of our social calendars, Mr. Manhunt International 2009, is set to take place this month. I have to say, though, that I'm getting worried - no venue announced yet? How are we to make our travel plans in time?

Also of concern is the apparent lack of a candidate from Egypt. Last year, it seems contestant Tarek Naguib proved unable to travel.

Which, you'll have to admit, really is rather a shame.

He definitely has a certain something. To paraphrase what dear Miss Dorothy Parker once observed of Clara Bow, "It? He has those!"

Sadly, he remains, all his attributes aside, a minimal web presence. We will do our best to keep looking, though, both for more Naguib and for news of this year's festivities. I'm just jonesing for that costume parade...


  1. One apparent hangup is that not only has Egypt not popped for a contestant, almost nobody else has either. A striking exception is Bosnia, who sent in their winner of the 2009 Farrah Fawcet Salute.

  2. Tarek Naguib - Eyptian for "Ricky Martin"?