Saturday, June 6, 2009

And Another Key Change!

Even all the way out here, darlings, one does hear the occasional whisper from Gotham, and so I know quite well that Sunday night is the Tonys, which came to mind again just now thinking of Mr. Fierstein.

Consider this little video moment the Café's tribute to Broadway's night of nights. I was terribly excited to find it on the Youtubes, because I recall clearly and with enormous nostalgia that this remarkble rendition from the 1983 telecast by the much-missed Miss Loudon was, in fact, the first time I ever heard this song. Life's never been quite the same since, I'm happy to say.

When was the last time one of those shows had this much life, this much crazy wonderful Broadway Rhythm (everybody dance)? She was a theatre dame, and this was her moment, and she grabbed it and ran just as fast as she could...


  1. and neil patrick harris is the host. easy on the eyes:-)

  2. Annie was my first Broadway show, and she was marvelous in it. I met her at a preview of Hairspray in 2002 about 6 months before she died and had a chance to thank her, 25 yrs after the fact, for making me love musicals.