Thursday, November 20, 2008


It can be funnier than fiction, too.

I found this little gem and was going to come up with one of the usual slightly off-kilter scenarios, but I've decided that, in this case, nothing can improve on reality:

"(L-R) Bess Kidney, Leota Stout and President of DAR Mrs. Roscoe O'Byrne, sharing a cup of tea."

Bess looks a little startled to be there (if not a little high), but nothing ruffles the unflappable calm of Mrs. Roscoe. You don't get to be President of the Brookville, IN, DAR for nothing.

And Leota? Oh, haven't we all met a Leota a hundred times over? A good soul, but the only question here is: how did she end up center stage? The Leotas of this world generally hover around the fringes, taking out the teacups and making sure old Mrs. Pennyfeather has a comfortable chair.

Perhaps it's her birthday.


  1. Oh, Bess is so certainly high, tripping like a million screaming monkeys and preparing to strip down and climb atop the Victrola. Again. Leota is in the middle because Mrs. Roscoe told her, in no uncertain terms, "Keep that bitch Bess away from me."

  2. Bess and Leota both know that Mrs. O'Byrne wears that sash around her house at all times - whether over her dressing gown or her day dress, it's only off of her body when she showers.

  3. the one in the middle looks like my dear old grandmama!