Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So Proud. So Happy. So Tired.

More soon, my loves, but let's pause for just a moment and think how amazing it all is.

70 years ago, this great lady had to sing outside because theatre doors closed in her face.

Today a President Elect has to speak outside because tens (and tens, and tens) of thousands of Americans want to hear him speak. And my God, did he speak.

Hate to be a cliché, but right now, how else to close but: Yes We Can.


  1. What a beautiful video.

    I remember reading that there were many venues in which Diana Ross and the Supremes had to enter through "special doors" and had to drink from the "colored" water fountains. I was stunned. And yet, it wasn't that far back that blacks had to ride at the back of the bus. In many states, Obama's parents could not have been married. Times certainly have changed...and yet, the ban against gay marriage still past in California. I am tired that discrimination against gays is still acceptable.

    When I heard Obama's acceptance speech last night, it gave me hope. Yes we can. Yes we did. And hopefully, with new leadership, yes we will.

  2. I am absolutely beside myself about these recent developments. To echo Scooter---and many others, no doubt---yes we can, yes we did, and YES WE WILL!!!!