Monday, November 24, 2008

Gender Euphoria

Ready for his close-up...

I would truly have not thought it possible: one can wear pearls, earrings, a turban, and a Fortuny-pleated, Empire-waist blouse and still be butch.

At least if you're Bollywood heartthrob (and Café obsession) Upen Patel...

Get outta my dreams, you Norma-Desmond-impersonating heartbreaker, you!


  1. Norma Desmond is a bit butch too, but I digress.

    Goodness, but he's dreamy

  2. I've been wearing a turban alot recently. But that's only because I finally had my eyes done!

    I imagine you'll be getting more visitors b/c I posted your latest issue of DQ on my flickr, where you have many new admirers!

  3. Goodness me. He's actually even better-looking in Desmond Drag than when he does his standard-issue boy candy schtick. Color me impressed!