Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bollywood Beefcake Alert!

Back from a highly amusing trip, more of which anon. One thing that caught my eye - you'll see quite clearly why - were the omnipresent advertisements in the nearby princedoms, the scenic Emirates of Ajman and Sharjah (or Dubai's Newark and Camden, as we tend to think of them here) for a new epic of Mumbai: Dostana (Friendship), a romantic comedy with a twist.

The picture stars not one but two of Indian cinema's biggest male stars: Abhishek Bachchan (the scion of a Barrymore-like acting dynasty that has dominated Indian screens for decades) and the decidedly toothsome John Abraham.

I hope no-one will take it as disloyalty to the immortal Upen if I note that Mr. Abraham appears to be a little bit of all right.

Oh, and the twist? Dostana is the subcontinent's first gay-themed comedy, although in a kind of Bosom Buddies/Three's Company way: the boys have to pretend to be a couple in order to share a flat with the shy and retiring Shilpa Shetty, pictured lounging between them above. I was surprised to read, on my return, a fairly positive review of the picture in the New York Times.

Even more surprisingly, this daring effort is now playing in our staid little Sultanate. Perhaps a trip to the movies is in order...


  1. i'm interested in seeing this if only for the cultural impact it has. a mainstream indian film even suggesting homosexuality? you bet!

  2. You MUST see this and report back to us immediately!

  3. Jon Abraham, oh, oooh, oh, oooh, beyond dreamy. Although what is going on with his right eye? Never the less, the very idea of him as a poof is all I can ask for from the cinema, short of Gloria Swanson rising from the dead.

  4. yea!
    and lemme tell you that both Upen and John suck in their action skills!
    I hope they work on their acting skills than their abs!
    The movie -from frnds- sucks like anyother Hindi comedy movie!
    The last hindi movie I saw was somewhere in 2000 --I ABHOR these movies