Saturday, September 6, 2008

Oh, Dear

These days, successful pictures breed lines of action figures, lunchboxes, and unattractive sportswear. Once upon a time, apparently, they spawned atrocious pop songs.

I think what I adore is that she just looks so goddam pleased with herself. Well, that and the dress, which must have had about as much structural underpinning as the Eiffel Tower and yet looks so lifelike.


  1. Muscato, darlin', anytime you feel an urge to clear out your freezer (wink, wink), pop "Miss Bette Davis Sings" into your musical player of choice, and enjoy. You'll be amazed at how quickly the freezer empties... or maybe not, after that clip. God bless Miss Davis.

  2. There's ANOTHER part of this show, Bette's entrance, where she comes out surrounded by a bevy of boy dancers, singing "Just Turn Me Loose on Broadway," her big number from her failed 1953 revue, "Two's Company."

    I have "Miss Bette Davis Sings" AND the cast recording of "Two's Company," because...well, because I'm gay, AND a sucker for punishment.