Friday, September 26, 2008

Now, Philatelist

Geez - how'd I miss this? You'd think there was some national crisis in the news or something to distract me.

But it's true: as of last week, Mrs. Davis's little girl is a full-fledged U.S. postage stamp, and looking pretty glam in her Margot Channing drag.

It looks like the prudes have had their way, leaving only a blur between her first and second fingers to explain why her hand is just so (but we know why).

Given that she is the only one of the contestants yet to be so honored, will this have any affect on the Dames & Divas Rematch now on over at Fabulon? I don't think Stanwyck or Hepburn would much care one way or the other, but you just know that Crawford is stewing that Bette was first.

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  1. It should be rememebred that Ms Stanwyck was reported to have scaled the back fence on numerous occasions to seek refuge from a drunken, abusive husband at neighbor Joan Crawford's home. That alone should take Stanwyck out of the competition.