Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Over on his there website thingy, Joe.My.God. is pondering the age-old geographic divide between those who say "pop" and "soda" (and the unspeakables who simply say "coke").

This line of thought leads me to ask: am I the last person under seventy to refer to the item of furniture pictured above as "a davenport"?


  1. Yes. You are. It would seem to be part and parcel of pearl fingering.

    And gracious good heavens, is that baby ever spectacular.

  2. Living in the south where Coca-Cola was first bottled we have a strong preference for Coke. Yes I’m one of the unspeakables that refers to all soft drinks as a Coke. We don’t go much for Pepsi ‘round these parts. However Pepsi does taste different up North.

    As a designer I have a strong opinion about such words as Davenport. Saying Davenport is like saying Frigidaire. It’s a brand and I say both when being colorful. I really hate when people say couch though. A couch has an exposed wooden frame with six legs. Currently, upholstered pieces are properly referred to as a sofa. Each piece of furniture and design elements or motifs have specific terminology.

    More inaccurate terms are:

    Stove! A stove burns wood. The correct term is range or cook top.

    Drapes! I hate that one. They are draperies. Draperies are lined where as curtains are not.

    Hot Water Heater! If the water is hot, why then does it need to be heated? It’s water heater you hicks.

  3. Sofa is fine, and I too generally eschew couch. But don't forget settee, chesterfield, and even divan!

    Many years ago, a dear friend made up the Most Atrocious Sentence in the English Language:

    "Gift your spouse with hosiery and drapes."

    Still sets my teeth on edge...

  4. The phrase, “Gift your spouse with hosiery and drapes,” really is most atrocious. Hosiery and drapes?

    Now really how could I possibly forget Chesterfield on the settee it was all so divan.

  5. "Davenport"? As long as you're in a 1930's Bette Davis film, I'm sure it's a fine word.

    I admit it, I say couch. It's a strange word, but sofa is just as odd.

    Maybe you'll bring the word back into fashion?

  6. I'd love to hear someone say "Davenport"...just once. I never have.

  7. Well, darlin', as Rosie Clooney used to sing, "Come on'a My House!" If you're lucky, I might even come out with an "icebox" or "chiffonier"...