Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tarzan Boy

Over in his neck of the woods, TJB has been getting us all hot and bothered lately with tributes to such pulchritudinous screen greats as Guy Madison and Gordon Scott. I've decided it's time to come clean and confess my childhood Guilty Secret Crush, and in particular the film that filled my dreams for much of the Nixon administration:

I bet he could, the little slut. I know I could have...

Yes, Mike Henry, a very late-period Tarzan, as evidenced by the mod stylings of his comrades, who apparently include Tennessee Williams:

Mike was definitely a little more on the hirsute side than your average Tarzan, and that suited me just fine (still does!).

Perhaps I just liked his way with children. Mike and Boy really seemed to have something going:

Although the following still could - I'm sure did - fuel all sorts of wild thoughts about just what might be going on:

Ummm... You're home early!

This is absolutely one of those films I really don't want to see as an adult. It just can't live up to my dreams.

Boy - whose name in this iteration is Erik and who was in real life, such as it is, Steve Bond - grew up to become a sometime soap star and Playgirl model:
But somehow the magic was gone. Maybe it was all in the shag cut and the loincloth...


  1. Oh my dear, yes, yes, yes. At least, to Mr. Henry, not to little Eric, whom I'd managed to completely ignore before now. Wowzah, what a big lug.

  2. I didn't realize that Boy had turned into a Playgirl (model)
    How fated.

    But I *do* remember very fondly Mike Henry's version of Tarzan.

  3. I always have trouble accepting anyone but Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan, in the same way I only want Sherlock Holmes to be Basil Rathbone. (I did accept both James Bonds though!)

  4. Oh, Henry!

    He was quite a hunk, wasn't he?

  5. Mike Henry was my favorite Tarzan, he was so manly and muscular. And I did see Steve Bond's Playgirl pics, which are great but wish he would have done them a few years later (when he was on General Hospital) because he was more muscular then. Still, great to see all of him!