Thursday, June 19, 2008

Birthday Girl: Gena Rowlands

How does a timeless creature like Gena Rowlands get to be 78? Isn't she still, ageless, as she was when her husband's pictures demonstrated that an indie actress could still radiate Old Hollywood Glamour?

We had Faces then...

She played the Movie game from time to time, proving she could hold her own with any of the sixties Frosty Beauties:

Although her attempts at playing the ingenue were always undercut by her knowing air. She was no fluffy blonde cutie, but rather a Dame in waiting, a fledgling Broad:

It's been an odd career. She survived and thrived appearing against everyone from Judy Garland to Bette Davis to (passing on the Indie Queen mantle?) Parker Posey. She's mostly seen now in little pictures, all too often created by her extended family, none of whom appear to be the filmmaker her late husband was.

On screen, she we will always be there, on the edge of something, falling off. Gloria, A Woman Under the Influence of Opening Night.

How nice, though, that for the moment, she's still with us, still fabulous, still So Lovely:


  1. I just adore her. She's the very best embodiment of the moniker, "broad."

    LOVE the second, 60's photo.

  2. I remember her from Gloria... loved it but had no idea how beautiful she was when she was younger. I should have though since she's aged really well!

  3. I had the good fortune of almost spilling 3 martinis down her back one night at a cast party for "Hope Floats". Upon realizing the near accident, she was oh so gracious....."What a near perfect waste of good booze" she said as she turned around and saw my teatering cocktails.
    It was a full 10 seconds afterwards before I realized who she was....