Saturday, June 7, 2008

Home is Where the Heart is...

...In some cases, more literally than others.

I have boldly and unashamedly stolen the image above from fellow blogger Undercover Dragon, because I am so thoroughly entranced by it.

Yes, it is an actual Google Earth image of an actual house (at 23°38'43.92"N 57°59'16.15"E , according to the Dragon), right here in Our Little Sultanate.

Now these parts are not, usually, given to the kind of wretched excess that has become a hallmark of some of our neighbors (indoor ski slope, anyone?), but apparently more of it goes on, quietly, than one might think. I would love to drive out and see this creation for myself, but I have a feeling that security in those parts is rather tight (the house is said to be the dwelling of a Royal Aunt).

One wonders if the motif is carried out thoroughly - are there in fact innumerable little cherubs everywhere, are there heart-shaped sofas and beds and bathtubs? Or is it just something that you slowly are meant to figure out for yourself, with the Royal Aunt smirking discreetly in the background at your confusion?

So much one will never really know in this Land of Mystery and Enchantment...


  1. Muscato,
    You are most welcome.
    Also, you can certainly drive to it, and at least see the outside. And who knows? This is Oman, yanni. Just a quick look of the grounds if she is not in?

    I think this is the sort of building that people will want to tour (perhaps at some distant time in the future when the Aunt doesn't need it any more).

  2. how cute!!!
    poor royal aunt's got her entire plan on google earth :p

    oh well! lol

  3. And thanks for the reference. I would have expected nothing less.

    Hope you are OK with the moniker?

    And I LOVE the boys from Planet Fabulon. Great link. What an excellent name for a planet right here on earth. Or a bar. Or a yacht...