Friday, June 6, 2008

Going to the Chapel...

Call me sentimental, but I have enjoyed the good news out of California - marriage equality for all!

With that news, inevitably, we have gotten the Celebrity Angle, and I must say that Star Trek's George Takei and his partner look like a terrific couple:

Their wedding plans sound very nice indeed, and most thrilling of all is the boys' choice of matron of honor: Lt. Uhura!

Even as a child, when it was still the Big New Thing, I was never all that much of a Star Trek fan. I was enough of a Baby Queen, however, to fall, hard, for anyone who could maintain a bouffant like that in outer space. And let's not even start on what kind of foundation garment could create the distinctive Uhura silhouette.

Mr. Muscato and I have no immediate plans to marry, but when we do, I wonder if we, too, could persuade Nichelle Nichols to come?

In any case, congratulations to George and Brad, and to everyone who knows that Love Conquers All.

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