Friday, June 20, 2008

Tables for Two

Just when you think teh Interwebs have lost the capacity to entertain, you go and find something like Celebrities Playing Table Tennis and your faith in the future is restored. It's a veritable Who's Who, including any number of people whom you wouldn't have thought even owned sportswear.

People like Dolores Del Rio, apparently snapped playing in a light moment on-set, in the only backless ping pong outfit ever made:

Or the future Dame Elizabeth Taylor in what may have been her last active moment, from the look of it, just before she became Mrs. Senator John Warner and it all started to go so Very Wrong:

Perhaps it was prescribed as part of Mr. Mayer's exercise-and-diet plan for young Judy Garland:

And there's never a bad excuse for Guy Madison to take off his shirt:

Wynne Gibson had the first (and, one hopes, only) matching bra-and-paddle ensemble:

"Celebrity" is defined marvelously broadly, so we are treated to things like the Duchess of Cornwall at a tense moment:

And (to my mind the real treasure of this trove) a Princess of a very different kind - Zsa Zsa, about to bat a ball away as imperiously as she did half-a-dozen husbands:

Bitch stole my table tennis frock!

Go, and enjoy - but beware. The proprietor takes his table tennis very seriously. Oh, and the gent with Zsa Zsa? Not a husband; we're told he is, instead, "Long Beach TTA President John Hann."

How one wonders this particular event came about; the thing about Gabors is that you can't tell anything from the outfit. In their universe, that is daywear. Maybe she just dropped by.


  1. Of course Zsa Zsa is in there. Have you noticed that any odd celebrity website always includes at least one Gabor, one well known closet case, and one House o' Windsor inmate?

  2. And, on all counts, that's a very good thing indeed, no?

  3. "the thing about Gabors..."

    That line has my crying!! That's hysterical!

  4. What can I say? It's funny 'cause it's true...