Thursday, September 19, 2013

Two for the Road

One thing this photo tells me:  it is unwise to attempt an Adrian look unless you actually have Adrian dressing you.  This comes close - but Norma really should have known better.

This charming snap of Hollywood's happiest couple - from the look of it, taken while they were boarding or disembarking some mode of transportation (dressy enough for the train, but sure not for a crossing) - was taken 78 years ago today.  It must have been a chilly September in LA.

Actually, looking at them, only 51 weeks before Irving left for Fabulon, I think an argument could be made that he just might be realizing who got the better part of the Thalberg-Shearer bargain.  As for Norma, whenever I see a candid, all I can think of is dear Mrs. Patrick Campbell's comment about The Boss's Wife: "Such a dainty little creature.  Such a tiny waist, such tiny hands, and such tiny, tiny eyes."


  1. maybe norma had a teeny tiny you-know-what
    and maybe irv liked 'em teeny tiny?

  2. It looks like she has a knitted flower pot on her head! Or perhaps its her homage to a Cossack warrior.

    1. I think it's one of those knitted wotsits for covering the spare toilet roll. Jx

  3. Not only were Norma's eyes tiny, they were also slightly crossed so maybe this gayly cocked hat is trying to hide that. Or maybe she was just drunk.