Sunday, September 29, 2013

Having a Moment...

...Greta Gustaffson style.  I love this shot; I don't think I've ever seen her looking so peeved.

It's a feeling I can get behind.  What I'm peeved about, mostly, is that I'm such an unregenerate packrat.

Life is a blur of boxes, packing paper, and half-forgotten and not-at-all missed bits and bobs and thingamajigs.  After three days, a certain kind of order is emerging, but it's a slow and painful process.  The good news is that nothing major seems to have been broken (an achievement in an international move - a long-experienced boss of mine once observed that every three major moves equals one middling fire).  The bad news is that there's so damn much of it all; when shoehorning the contents of a three-story villa into a two-bedroom apartment, only so much is possible.

But the saving grace is that no matter what else we get done - or don't - tomorrow afternoon the nice men come and take what's still sitting about away to storage. Gone for the foreseeable future are the tightum dishes, most of the paperbacks, and assorted smaller pieces of furniture.  We've been thinning the herd as well; gone for good are most of the records, all of the videos, and a great many of the CDs.  We have a great mass of things just waiting 'til we find a garage sale in which to participate (we have a line on a multi-family in a highly desirable gentrifying neighborhood downtown next month; we shall see).  One way or another, in a week or two, we may actually have a livable home.

As for the photo - it's by way of being a bonus on another occasional theme around here, for were I to blow it out just right, she's more or less got my hair...


  1. What on earth is a tightum dish? And why would you ship-um halfway round the globe just to pack them back in a crate? There must be a tightum out there crying out for suitable tableware. Jx

    PS You have Cybill Shepherd's hair?

  2. Tightum is the level between Hightum (most tip-top) and Scrub (every day). The overseas Hightum has found itself demoted, only because waiting in storage all these years have been Great-Great Grandmother Muscato's Haviland. So the Spode goes into storage, as we've only room for two sets. It's all terribly downmarket, isn't it?

    I never thought of that way, but I suppose if done just right, I could affect a rather Cybilllenische look...

    1. I am poring over the Mapp and Lucia Glossary for fear more "Lucia-isms" should occur at Café Muscato in future... Jx

    2. Any time spent honing one's Tillinglish is time well spent indeed. Now you'll be prepared the next time a War of the Chintz Roses breaks out...

    3. I am securing my bibelots in case mayhem occurs... Quai Hai! Jx

  3. Oh, my. It was such a lovely shock to see someone else use "tightum" properly. The one innovation for which poor dear Lucia should reasonably take credit.